Storage Plus

Easy access to storage units

Storage units are ground level with drive-up         access
Driveways are designed for easy boat and           trailer access
Concrete ramps into units for easy backingr         in
Storage unit doors are 12ft high for                         maximum clearance



Month to month lease
Lighting and electrical outlets in each unit


11 x 18’s $160.00 - $170.00
11 x 24’s $170.00
11 x 30’s $185.00 - $195.00
11 x 36’s $210.00
11 x 42’s $280.00 - $290.00
11 x 60’s pull through $350.00
An 11 x 30 unit typically fits contents of a 3-4 bedroom house

Discounts available for prepayment (does not include daily parking)
Rates subject to change without notice Sizes are approximate

enclosed storage